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How much do you charge?

As each show can vary a great deal there are many of circumstances we have to take in to account (playing time, travel, dates, size of venue, etc.) we do not have a fixed price. Please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ option on the navigation bar and we will give you an accurate quote as soon as possible!


How many are in the band?

There are four of us in the band. Lead vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards, and drums... And we all sing too!


How long does it take you to set up?

About 45-60 minutes at a normal venue assuming there’s straight forward access.


Can we pick the songs?

Please take a look at our set list page to see that the kind of music we play is to your liking before booking as we tailor our set list on the night according to the crowd in front of us. We can't take requests on the night, but it can sometimes be possible to take specific requests ahead of time so that we have time to rehearse them.

Can I sing a song with you?

As we are meticulously rehearsed, it is not usually possible to join in with us for a song. However, under certain circumstances it might be possible if you ask us in advance.


Do you have your own lighting & PA equipment?

Yes, we carry a high end quality sound system which is loud enough to fill most wedding and party venues, and we also provide standard stage lighting. We aren’t able to bring our own stage but we are perfectly happy to play on the floor.


What kind of power do you need?

Ideally, we just need 4 13amp (standard) plug sockets.


Are noise limiters an issue?

They’re not ideal but everything is possible. Just please make sure you let us know in advance!


How can I pay?

We offer our standard term which is a 50% deposit payment with the balance due 28 days before the big day. Payments are made by bank transfer. We can also take cash.


Do You Do Requests?

We can always take requests for the Disco set but we’re not always able to learn specific requests for the band set. We are able to learn first dance songs for a small charge if you’d like it performed live and it’s not in our existing repertoire.


Do You Have Any Other Requirements?

For weddings and private events all we ask is that you please provide soft drinks and a meal (if applicable) for each member of the band. If there’s an evening ‘buffet’, that normally means letting us join in with that.

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